hot colors & newbies


My big score at the spring HPSO sale was Romneya coulteri. I didn’t expect it to bloom in its first year, so I nearly missed this single bloom. The brightness of the day washes out the shadows that give it a delicate look of crumpled silk and set it quite apart as it peeks through daisies in the same color combo. I hope there will be an overcast day for capturing its true beauty, but I know better than to depend upon it.


When I bought this Echinacea purpurea ‘Big Sky Sundown’ last fall it was fully opened to reveal bronzey petals. I loved it then, without even knowing that it would begin its performance with these tubular petals: hot pink on the outside, with the orange just beginning to show as they unfurl.

The colors show up a little better as we zoom out to see the whole plant.


Nearby, Helenium autumnale snuggles up to a couple of different Agastaches to extend the pink-magenta-purple/orange-bronze-red theme. It seems fitting for the color palette to heat up along with the weather.

8 Responses to “hot colors & newbies”

  1. Grace Says:

    Hi Ricki, I really like this Echinacea. My garden buddy Carol tried growing it but it didn’t make it through the winter. The Romneya is a stellar plant, isn’t it?

  2. ricki Says:

    I lost many things, but this came through like a champ…go figure. I LOVE the Romneya.

  3. lostlandscape (James) Says:

    You’re the second person from Oregon I’ve read about or heard from who’s had the romneya begin to bloom. I’d always thought of it as more of a California plant, but I’m glad to see that it likes you and your area. It’s a stunning plant, and so delicate for something that comes on what is sometimes a big bruising plant, at least down here.

  4. Wendy Says:

    wow, great color changing selections!

  5. ricki Says:

    James~In contrast to our soggy reputation, our summers are HOT and DRY. The challenge is to make it through winter and spring.

    Wendy~Glad you like them.

  6. ILove Sand Says:

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  7. Jane/MulchMaid Says:

    There’s just something about the hot pink-orange-bronze combination that slays me. I think that’s why I love my agastaches, with their pink, light magenta and orange multicolored flowers so much.

    And you’ve captured another of my favorite color combos with the Romneya coulteri: white flowers with yellow centers. It’s quite stunning!

  8. ricki Says:

    Jane~Yes, the agastache does bring it all together in one mad swirl of color. Now, if I could just figure out how to photograph white flowers to do them justice.

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