I love seeing before and after pictures of other gardeners’ projects. Of course we all know that when it comes to gardening, there is really no “after”. Those pesky, wayward plants refuse to maintain anything like a status quo. Still, whenever I am feeling discouraged, it cheers me up no end to look at the pictures I took when we first moved here. (update in response to Loree’s query: moved here in 2004)


Looking toward the house from R’s studio (that’s a corner of it on the left, back when it was just a goat shed with a dirt floor)


Here is how it looks now, with the lavender walk in full bloom.


Except for the orchard and, of course, the surrounding forest, everything was a blank slate. This was the view from the front deck along the entry drive.


Now the drive is framed by berms and I am quite liking how it is shaping up.

I will do more of these progress reports as photos become available.

7 Responses to “before/during”

  1. joco Says:

    You are lucky to be still at stage two.
    In stage three you are obliterated by growth.
    Unless you happen to be sensible of course.
    Which I’m sure you are, and we are not :-)

  2. Loree/ danger garden Says:

    Wow! Beautiful. So how long ago was the “first moved here” stage? And what grows in the orchard?

  3. ricki Says:

    Joco~Sensible? Hah!

    Loree~2004 Thanks, I’ll add that. Apples and pears and cherries.

  4. Jane/MulchMaid Says:

    I love seeing your progress, Ricki! Your space is so much more verdant and beautiful now. I know how gratifying it is to look back like that. That’s why I have a rotating series of “the way it was” on my computer desktop.

    Keep up the wonderful transformation!

  5. ricki Says:

    Jane~That’s a good idea. All my “before’s” are before digital, but right now is before later, right?

  6. Megan Says:

    Wow – it’s amazing – the garden really makes it come alive. That lavender walk is so inviting, it draws the eye right up to the house. Nicely done.

  7. ricki Says:


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