frosty morns

northern sea oats

Just when everything was beginning to look slightly bedraggled, along came Jack Frost with his pot of ice crystals. See how each seed head on the Northern sea oats is outlined with icy edges.

icy fallen leaves

Even something as mundane as fallen leaves on the driveway takes on a shimmering beauty.

frosted Ceanothus

The tiny leaves of the Ceanothus could pass for a courtier’s embroidered frock.

Phlomus leaves

The leaves of Phlomus.

weeping Norway spruce

This is what I think Christmas should look like.

frozen bird bath

This reminds me: I’d better get out there with some warm water to help the birds out…suet & seed already in place. But before I do, let me direct you to Linda’s site. She has posted some stunning frost photos the last couple of days.

12 Responses to “frosty morns”

  1. linda Says:

    Gorgeous frosty photos!

  2. Loree/ danger garden Says:

    You make me wish I hadn’t cut back my Sea Oats…beautiful!

  3. Grace Says:

    Hi Ricki, We might as well enjoy it, right? I was glad to see sunshine today but brrr… still cold. Lovely photos.

  4. ricki Says:

    Linda~Yours got me started…thanks!

    Loree~Sloth has its advantages.

    Grace~It was 23 degrees when I left the house this morning at 9:30. Brrr is right!

  5. Deborah at Kilbourne Grove Says:

    Ooooh, these photos are amazing. Who would guess that I would miss frost, snow, cold weather, crazy!

  6. ricki Says:

    Deborah~I sure missed it when I lived in LA & San Diego.
    I tried to track back to visit your site, but got a message about it being a malicious site. I know for a fact that it isn’t, but hope you revisit here to see what’s happening.

  7. Jane / MulchMaid Says:

    You’ve had some spectacular frost. I think your slight elevation makes the difference, though it did get pretty frosty here in the lowlands, too. I also think you’re right about what Christmas looks like. And it looks like you have the perfect makings for your personal Christmas card using that image!

  8. ricki Says:

    Jane~What a good idea! I will have to save it for next year, tho…family descending…no time…just fun, and the joy of cooking!

  9. Debbie / GardenofPossibilities Says:

    What lovely photos…thee is something so peaceful and magical about frost-covered foliage.

  10. ricki Says:

    Debbie~Gives us a good reason to bundle up and get out there.

  11. lostlandscape (James) Says:

    Still no major frost sightings down here, and I’d hate to think what our wimpy SoCal garden would look like after one of these mornings! I scooter in to work and have whined loudly as the temps dropped in the higher 30s. I think I’d wither just like the plants if the dropped ten degrees more! Stay warm.

  12. ricki Says:

    James~We grow up tough around here.

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