dare to visit the danger garden

Saturday was a scorcher. How fitting, then, to be invited into the danger garden, where Loree has long proclaimed her love of hot summer days and the plants that thrive in them.

in-ground Agave with Ceanothus

Leave it to my procrastinating self to arrive at mid-day, the worst possible time to get good photos. I have discarded most of the ones I took, but a few that are passable will give you an idea of Loree’s style…a very definite style with a point of view, a limited palette and a partiality for spiky plants. The entire front garden is mulched with gravel, a perfect setting and environment for the chosen plants. Here are an Agave and a Ceanothus.


mix of textures

Texture plays a big role here.

Rosa pteracantha

Look at the wicked thorns on that Rosa pteracantha. When the light is just right, they glow like they’ve been possessed by the Devil himself, gaining them passage into the Danger Garden, the only rose you will find here.

Black mondo grass & Eucomis

A row of Black Mondo Grass lines the front walk, backed by a row of Eucomis before giving way to a less formal arrangement. A hallmark of this garden is restrained exuberance.

staged pots with Phormium

With her prodigious collection of pots, she is able to stage vignettes like this whenever there is an opening. When I say that she uses a limited palette, I certainly don’t mean boring. The pots run to silvers and grays, with punches of chartreuse, orange and red. The house is painted a deep, chocolate brown, a color that shows it all off to the very best advantage.

alley to back yard

Even the VW bug sitting in the driveway seems to fit into the scheme of things, as we head past the potted veggies toward the back of the house.

Acacia provissima

The house color takes on different tones in different light, as here it provides the background for Acacia provissima

pot grouping with orange accents

See what I mean about the pots, and the bright accents?

wavy cement pots

more pots

square pots

wild looking agave in pot

lush tapestry of plants

A lush tapestry of plants surrounds the area…


and segues nicely into the sunken patio…

table top goodies & plants

where our hostess served up colorful and delicious refreshment in the style to which we had quickly become accustomed. We lingered and chatted and soaked up the ambiance…hellish temperatures be damned. If you have yet to discover the Danger Garden, a treat is in store for you, and it’s only a click away.

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  1. Shirley/Rock-Oak-Deer Says:

    I’m jealous of course that you can conveniently visit this awesome garden. A different perspective is always interesting.

    I’ve seen reports that it is quite a bit hotter there than here for a change. We’re used to it, but we’ve had a relatively cool summer this year.

  2. Grace Says:

    Hi Ricki, Wow. You did pick a dangerous day to visit the Danger Garden, didn’t you? :) Fun photos. I wish I had both the discipline of restraint and the extra garden space to grow me a Danger Garden but because I don’t possess either, I’ll just have to enjoy it vicariously. Great post!

  3. Jane / MulchMaid Says:

    Sorry we missed you as we were there earlier, though took no photos. I love that shot of Loree’s VW with the open gate and the stock tanks with veggies! I can’t believe she won’t open for HPSO…everyone would LOVE her garden!

  4. Loree /danger garden Says:

    Thank you ricki, your photos and narration are such a compliment!

    Your comment about my car brought back an obscure memory…when I decided to accompany Andrew on his move to Oregon it all happened so fast. My dear neighbors were gone on vacation and came home to find me in the midst of a big yard sale, when I told them the news one of the first things they said was “but you just painted your house, and your bug looks so good in the driveway!”…isn’t that funny? I have no idea why I remembered that, but thank you for triggering it. The we’re awesome neighbors!

    Thank you for braving the heat, I was really so surprised (and happy) that you all showed up!

  5. ricki Says:

    Shirley~Our little hit of hot weather has us all gasping…how do you do it as a regular part of life?

    Grace~We all like to flirt with danger, but your gardening style prompts equal bouts of envy.

    Jane~She’ll get there…all of our ooh’s and aah’s have got to be confidence boosters.

    Loree~One of my favorite sightings was a VW bug like yours, only a little greener, with a license plate that read “THUMB”. I can’t think of a better place to be, on the hottest day of the year, than in the Danger Garden. Thanks for your hospitality.

  6. Loree/ danger garden Says:

    Oh man! I wish that green one was my VW!!! I also like the yellow one I see about town with YOLK on the plate.

  7. ricki Says:

    Loree~”yolk”…I love it! makes me proud that there are so many clever folks out there in our town.

  8. Janet, The Queen of Seaford Says:

    What a neat garden! Love the row of Eucomis, nicely set off with the mondo. I would stay away from that thorny Rosa. yikes!

  9. ricki Says:

    Janet~One must tiptoe through the danger garden very carefully.

  10. Wendy Says:

    Gorgeous little vignettes! I love the use of all the containers in her garden.

  11. ricki Says:

    Wendy~Not only are they beautiful, but they allow her to grow the plants she loves that would not survive here in the ground.

  12. Alison Says:

    Thanks for all these wonderful pictures from your visit to the Loree’s garden. I’m so jealous. I read danger garden, and have caught the spiky fever from Loree. It’s great to get someone else’s perspective on her garden. I love those huge clumps of black mondo grass!

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