Thicket: a new garden store

First off, my apologies to anyone who was shunted off to a sexual enhancement site when trying to visit sprig to twig. I just spent time on the phone with tech guru John (my hero) who somehow managed to undo the damage wrought by some hacker while my back was turned. Now on to the fun stuff.

sign at entrance

Finding myself in the general vicinity, I decided to drag Alberta Street and check out Thicket, a shop I had heard about. It is actually a little off of Alberta, on 23rd.

tabletop urns

As soon as I stepped through the gate, I knew this was a find. This tabletop display featured a pair of urns planted with succulents.

conifer corner

A small collection of conifers crowds one corner.


Everything looked very fresh, even on the hottest day of the year.

table with benches

This seating area in the shade was inviting.

tabletop garden

This one was in the sun, but the bright white and the cool greens of the tabletop gardens managed to create a cooling illusion.

trunk display

A small shed houses the business end, with some room for a few displays.

shel display

Hanging under the other end of that shelf was a group of hummingbird feeders that match my aesthetic.

hummingbird feeder

So of course I had to bring one home. I had to move it out under the trees, because the little nipple leaks sugar water. It remains to be seen what the hummers will think of it. They are preoccupied with fuchsias these days. This is by far the most pleasing to me, but the birds’ stamp of approval, so far, goes to the ugliest of all the models I have tried…they’re as bad as some clients back when I was a graphic designer.

Echeveria ‘Black Prince’

A nice selection of succulents tempted me out of my “no new plants until fall” stance, and I picked up this Echeveria ‘Black Prince’…

unnamed pale Echeveria

and this pale green one that was not labeled. In conversation with the manager, I learned that Thicket is only a couple of months old, and already they are eying the building across the street facing onto Alberta. I hope it works out. This is a business that deserves to grow and prosper. I encourage you to click on the link to their elegant web site (at the top of this post) and, if you are in the neighborhood, by all means stop by. You will find, in their words, “a charming tangle of botanical curiosities, found ephemera and modern craft to inspire life lived in the garden.”

8 Responses to “Thicket: a new garden store”

  1. LeLo Says:

    This looks like a great new find. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shirley/Rock-Oak-Deer Says:

    It does look like a lovely store with great ideas for displaying plants and all types of garden items.

  3. Janet, The Queen of Seaford Says:

    Lots of goodies to be had!!! Like the tabletop planters on the white table.
    Glad you got the tech stuff straightened out.

  4. ricki Says:

    LeLo~Try it…you’ll like it.

    Shirley~I love unearthing these little treasures…as do you, from what I can tell.

    Janet~Love/hate relationship with the tech stuff, but pure love for what it makes possible.

  5. Jane / MulchMaid Says:

    Must check out! Thanks, Ricki, for vetting it for us.

  6. Loree /danger garden Says:

    I visited a couple of weeks ago and was impressed, not only was the presentation top notch but everything looked well cared for and the staff was friendly. Come to think of it I should probably visit agan, thanks Ricki!

  7. Grace Says:

    Looks like a fun haunt. I love those two rusty urns. I could probably put down a crap load of money at this place. :)

  8. ricki Says:

    Jane~My pleasure…literally!

    Loree~Went there directly from your place…just couldn’t quite bring myself to head straight for home.

    Grace~If I HAD a crap load of money, this place would be on my itinerary for sure.

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