foliage stars in December

Oxydendrum arboreum

A very few things, like this Oxydendrum arboreum still cling to a few leaves as they flame out in a blaze of glory.

Phlomus skeletons with blueberry foliage

Here the skeletal remains of Phlomus russeliana flower stalks provide the perfect foil for the glowing foliage of the blueberry bushes.

Euonymous ‘Emerald N Gold’

Cold weather brings a blush to always decorative Euonymous ‘Emerald N Gold’.

Stachys ‘Helen Von Stein’

Unlike the more common Lambs’ Ears, Stachys ‘Helen Von Stein’ holds up pretty well through the winter months.

Stachys byzantium

See what I mean? Here’s Helen’s cousin, S. byzantium, looking a bit under the weather.

giant sequoia grove

Our little grove of giant sequoias is growing up and beginning to fill its role of winter interest.

Chamaecyparis ‘Barry’s Silver’

Another winter charmer is Chamaecyparis ‘Barry’s Silver’, especially when it is spangled with raindrops.

lichen covered fence

As leaves fall, it becomes easier to notice details like the lichen covering an old fence, here surrounded by the low-growing native salaal.

moss on fencepost

Or the moss taking up residence in a weathered fencepost. Our neighbor, who likes everything neat and tidy, wanted to replace all of these posts with those bright orange, pressure-treated 4×4 numbers, but we convinced him to spare a few of these. Like some of us, it has taken years for these cedar sentinels to develop this much character.

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9 Responses to “foliage stars in December”

  1. Alison Says:

    I have to admit, my favorites in this post are the moss and lichens. That old cedar post is wonderful.

  2. Pam/Digging Says:

    Like Alison, I love the fence post and moss too, but maybe it’s because of your story of saving it. So much character there, and still so much beauty in the quieter winter garden.

  3. Peter/Outlaw Says:

    I’m with Allison, your moss and lichen pictures are very nice! One nice thing about the rain is how nice and green it makes all of the moss.

  4. Scott Weber Says:

    The Phlomis with the Blueberry is my hands-down fave…gorgeousness!

  5. ricki Says:

    Alison~If only I could get Jim (the neighbor, and a very nice man) to read these comments.

    Pam~Yes, I love the way subtle players get the attention during these months.

    Peter~Rain…I love it, but don’t tell Loree.

    Scott~I love that combo too.

  6. Shirley Says:

    Beautiful, your garden looks so green. Guess that’s what actual rain does.
    The blueberry leaves turn gorgeous colors.

    That kind of moss is not possible here so it’s very special to see it there.

  7. ricki Says:

    Shirley~You give me cacti, I give you moss…pretty good tradeoff.

  8. Janet, The Queen of Seaford Says:

    Oooo I love ‘Barry’s Silver’, what a pretty color!!!

  9. ricki Says:

    Janet~And Barry is very well behaved, too.

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