short but sweet bloom day

Aloe ‘Carmine’

The only blooming thing around here is this Aloe ‘Carmine’. It is indoors. Everything out of doors is frozen stiff. I am sure if you visit May Dreams Gardens there will be links to more blooms, especially in sunnier climes. In the meantime, I will dream of spring and be satisfied with my lone bloom for now.

13 Responses to “short but sweet bloom day”

  1. Alison Says:

    We are in the same state here! I have a couple of indoor succulent flowers, but that’s it. Ah well. Spring is coming!

  2. Heather Says:

    It’s a very pretty lone bloom!

  3. ricki Says:

    Alison~I’m happy to stay indoors these days anyway, how about you?

    Heather~I like it too.

  4. Mark and Gaz Says:

    Pretty and sweet and nice to see at this time of the year :)

  5. linda Says:

    Same frost/snow here , even my succulents are past blooming.
    I’m half way to moving over to Blogger, come over and take a look!

  6. ricki Says:

    Mark and Gaz~Thanks…pretty much anything is welcome this time of year.

    Linda~I admire you for doing the due diligence to make a change. I am long overdue. Could you add name/url to your profile preferences so I can leave comments?

  7. James Says:

    Aloe there! It’s good to see this plant is happy enough to bloom inside, and the orangey flowers are definitely welcome this time of year! Happy GBBD!

  8. Loree /danger garden Says:

    Look at you with your fancy bloom day aloe, no silly pansies for you!

  9. Janet, The Queen of Seaford Says:

    How exciting to have an aloe blooming inside!

  10. linda Says:

    A few teething problems…I think I’ve fixed it!

  11. ricki Says:

    James~Alloe yerself. This sturdy fellow usually blooms once indoors and again outdoors mid-summer…plus having given birth to several pups: it’s a keeper.

    Loree~Somewhere on the road to plant snobbery I seem to have jettisoned pansies.

    Janet~Yes, it definitely gets my juices flowing.

    Linda~Oh goody, I value our back and forth.

  12. Grace Peterson Says:

    This is quite a feat in itself. I love it!

  13. ricki Says:

    Grace~I was experimenting with camera settings but not sure how I got the flower to stand out that way. I guess I need to take notes as I go.

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