renting feather flags?


A couple came into the studio the other day talking about “feather flags”. They were planning their wedding to take place at the beach, and wanted to know if I would consider renting them some feather flags for the affair. They were young, and charming, and starting out on a shoestring. I wanted to help them out, and have always thought my banners would be great for weddings (remember the final scene in The Forty-Year-Old Virgin?). But, alas, I had no “feather flags”. Turns out they were referring to what I call Spinnakers, and yes, I can see how one could look at them and think “feathers”.
It isn’t the first time someone has suggested renting a suite of banners, but I haven’t quite figured out how that might work. We parted, all agreeing to think on it. I got zero response to a mailing targeting party planners, so I guess I would have to do it myself. The logistics seem daunting, but I am certainly open to the concept. Any ideas?

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  1. Eric Whittington Says:

    We are in need of feather banners in white. Poles and all would need about 16 total. We are a rental company and not sure what you need to know about renting items or how we can help. Take a resevation, customer can pick up your items. A contract signed and payment made. A security deposit might be in order if you believe this is needed. Very simple.

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