it’s bustin out all over

Fuchsia ‘Golden Gate’

June, that is. Forgive the corny intro, but that tune has been rattling around in my head. I’m especially fond of the part where “the young Virginia creepers are a-huggin’ the bejeepers out of every morning glory on the fence”. I wait all year for the Eremurus ‘Cleopatra’ (above) to put in an appearance. They will be followed by the slightly less dramatic Sheffield’s.


I planted some Brodiaea bulbs a long time ago and forgot about them. Last year I had one flower, this year there were two…nice surprise.

Cistus ‘Blanche’

Cistus ‘Blanche’

Acanthus spinosus

Acanthus spinosus

white Armeria

A sweet little white Armeria managed to stake out some territory amidst the marauding foxgloves and Ajuga.

Buddleja globosa

Buddleja globosa.

Carpenteria californica ‘Elizabeth’

Carpenteria californica ‘Elizabeth’…heavenly scent

Rosa ‘Dortmund’

Rosa ‘Dortmund’

Fuchsia ‘Golden Gate’

Fuchsia ‘Golden Gate’

Euphorbia ‘Fire Charm’

‘Fire Charm’


NOID orange Geum: passalong plants are like that. I think I’ll just call this one ‘Hilda’.

Hypericum inodorum ‘Albury Purple’

Purchased for foliage color and late season berries, the little orange flowers on Hypericum inodorum ‘Albury Purple’ are a pleasant surprise.

Phlomus russeliana

One of my all-time favorites: Phlomus russeliana is in full flowering mode.

Phygelius ‘Moonraker’

Phygelius ‘Moonraker’

Rhus vulgaris

Rhus vulgaris

Sisyrinchium striatum

Sisyrinchium striatum

And that’s my flower show for mid-June. I’m late in posting, but it is never too late to check in with Carol to see what others are seeing on Bloom Day.

15 Responses to “it’s bustin out all over”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Those are gorgeous blooms! I love the eremurus, so striking.

    Happy GBBD, a few days late!

  2. Heather Says:

    Eremurus, you lucky girl!

  3. Lindacoombs Says:

    I’m enjoying my Eremurus as well, one of my blooms was snapped off by some clumsy oaf…possibly me.
    I’m toying with a trip to Cistus Wed morning? I’ll ring you.

  4. Anna Kullgren Says:

    Every time I look at your posts, I realize all over again how very little I know about plants. You have so many unusual and interesting blooms in your garden that I often never even heard of! I do have a cluster of Eremurus, but this year’s show was pathetic. Since last year, things have filled in up above, and as a result I only have one bloom that in a contorted way tries to find itself more sun. Poor thing – none of that proud, straight-backed determination… scoliosis and pain, more so. Sigh…

  5. Mark and Gaz Says:

    Better late than never, and a nice selection of blooms too!

  6. Peter Says:

    Glad that you clarified what was bustin’ out all over because I was going to advise you to throw a scarf over it. That June tune has been going through my head too. (Darned Rodgers and Hammerstien!) Your bloomers are lovely and I don’t just say that to everyone!

  7. Jane / MulchMaid Says:

    That Eremuris ‘Cleopatra’ is the color I want! I planted three yellow ones several years ago and now have for the first time exactly one bloom. Carpenteria californica is a shrub I’d love to grow, but don’t have the room for, even a smaller cultivar, I’m afraid – thank you for sharing its gorgeous, huge white blossoms!

  8. ricki Says:

    Shirley~Cleopatra is my pride and joy…glad you like it too.

    Heather~A bit of luck, but mostly determination…which you have in ample supply.

    Linda~Could it be Thurs or Fri instead? I’ve got something else going on Wed.

    Anna~I’ve been learning stuff from you too. Keep this up and we will be too smart for our own good.

    Mark & Gaz~Thanks, guys!

    Peter~I blush.

    Jane~Yes, we do share a love of orange. I was expecting Cleo to be a bit redder, but am quite happy with her as is. I moved my Eremurus around several times before finding a place where they are happy.

  9. Lindacoombs Says:

    Thursday sounds good !

  10. Scott Weber Says:

    As always, you know how partial I am to Phlomis…and yours are just the best I’ve seen, especially scattered about as you have them. The Eremerus, I just have to console myself with admiring yours!

  11. Hannah Says:

    Do the butterflies like your Buddleja globosa? Scent? The Carpenteria sounds fantastic but I looked at hardiness and it said zone 9, what do you do?

    I wrote a post on Geums, of the 4 I have, yours looks most like Cooky-

  12. ricki Says:

    Linda~Great! What time?

    Scott~You can admire my Eremurus while I admire your ‘Tiger Eyes’.

    Hannah~Haven’t noticed butterflies being drawn to that Buddleja. I have the Carpenteria in a big pot, so I can easily protect it if the temperatures plummet. I saw a very large specimen on a garden tour, which gave me courage to give it a try. It is in its third year here. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  13. Lindacoombs Says:

    What about 12:00, I’ll ring ya !

  14. Grace Peterson Says:

    Everything looks wonderful, Ricki. That Hypericum loves to seed around. I’ve got ‘Arbury Purple’ and the brighter variegated one growing in several locations throughout my gardens–of its own volition. Also the bumblebees love the flowers. Your Eremurus is amazing! I dug and moved my Carpenteria. It’s alive but barely with tiny new leaves. I had it in a very shady place and it wouldn’t bloom. I’d be thrilled if it looked even half as good as yours next year. And your Acanthus, wow. Awesome.

  15. ricki Says:

    Grace~I look forward to whatever surprises ‘Arbury Purple’ has in store. This is ‘Elizabeth’s’ best show after three years in a big pot, dappled shade and a couple of mild winters.

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