Olearia x mollis ‘Zennorensis’ this week’s favorite

Olearia x mollis ‘Aennorensis’

A few Sundays ago, I met up with Linda at Cistus and this was one of two plants I could not resist. It is living in a pot until I decide on a good place for it.

serrated leaves

The sharply serrated, slender leaves were the main attraction, but here’s more to like from the plant tag: “Architectural, layered shrub, to 4-6′ with golden, flaking bark; dark stems; 3-4″ leaves, narrow, silvered and serrated. White flowers appear in summer, but not in great abundance. Perfect for that powdered silver garden. Sun to part shade. Even moisture especially in hot summer climates. Frost hardy to at least mid USDA zone 7″. My plant is not as silvery as the description or the photo on Plant Lust, where you can read more about it.

Rhododendron sinogrande

I’m thinking (taking that “powdered silver garden” talk seriously) that it might work well in combination with the metallic new growth on Rhododendron sinogrande with the contrast in leaf size and shape but similar coloration. This is a spot where I water regularly. My only concern is that it may not get quite enough sun. Guess I’ll just move the pot over there and see how I (and it) like it.

more Olearia

So here’s a last look at my Olearia x mollis ‘Zennorensis’…

more sinogrande

and Rhododendron sinogrande. Your thoughts? While you’re mulling it over, why not pop on over to Danger Garden to see what Loree has on deck for this week’s favorite.

15 Responses to “Olearia x mollis ‘Zennorensis’ this week’s favorite”

  1. Anna K Says:

    Very pretty – love the long, narrow serrated leaves. And I think you’re on to something good. I think it would make a really nice contrast with the metallic rhodie. Also, FYI – the rugosa I promised you the other day is a Marie Bugnet. Check it out here: http://www.oldheirloomroses.com/Marie_bugnet.htm

  2. ricki Says:

    Anna K~With the approval of a good designer (you) I’m getting closer to committing to the plan. Can’t wait to welcome Marie to the R&R Ranch.

  3. Loree /danger garden Says:

    AUGH! That is a gorgeous plant…I completely understand why you had to have it. Of course your Rhododendron sinogrande is jaw-droppingly good too so the combination could be electric. I am so thankful I live further away from Cistus than you do.

  4. Mark and Gaz Says:

    I think the two will work well together. It’s a gorgeous plant, love the colour and serrated leaves. Almost looking like a Lancewood (Pseudopanax)!

  5. Lindacoombs Says:

    Um…Why didn’t I pick up one of those ? I like that combination and the buttercup ground cover !

  6. Angie Says:

    I do like plants which leaves have serrated edges. I hope it does well in your garden.

  7. ricki Says:

    Loree~I don’t see mileage standing in the way of frequent visits to Cistus for you. The danger for me would be visiting with you and seeing the plants through your eyes.

    Mark & Gaz~
    Everyone around here is so upset about your loss. I’m impressed that you are going on about your business and visiting our blogs. We’re all with you!

    Linda~Buttercups are shiny and pretty but the bane of my existence, invading every nook and cranny. I don’t recommend it, but if you ever want any, you know where to come.

    Angie~Me too…thanks!

  8. Sarah/Galloping Horse Garden Says:

    I like the olearia x mollis but I absolutely love the Rhododendron sinogrande! I am constantly learning about nutty new plants on your site. Sadly, most are a no-go in my neck of the woods. But wow!

  9. ricki Says:

    Sarah~The sinogrande is a show-stopper all right (I will admit that we’re pushing our way into zonal denial with that one). It seems like I see a lot of plants that we have in common on your blog, so maybe some of my goofy ones would work for you.

  10. Grace Peterson Says:

    Wowzers. Really handsome plants you’ve got there, Ricki. I’m not a Rhodie fan but I could seriously make an exception for this one. Great post.

  11. ricki Says:

    Grace~It’s the entry drug for Rhododendron addicts.

  12. Anna B Says:

    Hi Ricki! I love them both! Fascinating and gorgeous leaves! I could happily stare and ‘fondle’ them for hours!!!

  13. ricki Says:

    Anna B~’Fondling’ is what it’s all about!

  14. Janet, The Queen of Seaford Says:

    I don’t know either one of those plants, hope you found a good spot!

  15. ricki Says:

    Janet~The Olearia is still in a pot, waiting for inspiration to strike. It will, I know it will…

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