Pennisetum ‘Tall Tails’ is this week’s fave

Pennisetum ‘Tall Tails’

Those lovely, fluffy spires earn this Pennisetum its clever name: ‘Tall Tails’. Scott of Rhone Street Gardens brought me three of these. I planted two of them at the edge of this bed, where other grasses are also featured. ‘Tall Tails’ growing near ‘Heavy Metal’

That’s Panicum ‘Heavy Metal’ growing to the right. I like its upright habit in contrast to the fluffier look of the Tails.

more Tails

Now that I see what it will do, I will plant the third one (still in a pot) next to the first two with visions of a future mass of these guys waving their tails in the evening light.

last look at Pennisetum ‘Tall Tails’

Here’s one last look, with thanks to Scott for introducing me to a new favorite, and to Loree for providing the platform for writing about our favorite plants on a regular basis.

10 Responses to “Pennisetum ‘Tall Tails’ is this week’s fave”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Very nice, the tails are longer than typical for a pennisetum. I don’t have many pennisetum in my garden but plan to change that since I have found they grow very well here.

    I just picked up P. ‘Red Buttons’ today.

  2. Scott Weber Says:

    So glad to see it looking so happy and handsome in your garden, Ricki…you have the sun (and the room) to do it justice!

  3. ricki Says:

    Shirley~I will look forward to seeing them turning up in your garden.

    Scott~I do, and I hope they will live happily ever after.

  4. Peter/Outlaw Says:

    Beautiful! Your grasses add so much texture and movement (imagining) to this bed. Must be a joy to gaze at and enjoy it every day!

  5. Loree / danger garden Says:

    It really does look amazing! And I’ll never ever think of adding another grass to my garden without first consulting Scott!

  6. Mark and Gaz Says:

    Love it Ricki, such an airy looking plant!

  7. Heather Says:

    I love them, especially backed by Heavy Metal (I’m so jealous you have that one).

  8. ricki Says:

    Peter~It’s a bed that takes advantage of the evening light.

    Loree~He’s our guru.

    Mark & Gaz~Glad you like it.

    Heather~I got some pretty strange looks when I went to a garage/plant sale and asked if they had any Heavy Metal. Guess I don’t look the type.

  9. Anna B Says:

    Now they are gorgeous! I do like those tails! Are they very tactile?

  10. ricki Says:

    Anna B!Oh, yes! Every bit as soft and fluffy as they look. Thanks, always, for stopping by and commenting.

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