I didn’t wanna do it

…but who can resist snapping photos in the snow? Not me.

front steps

We’re not shovelers, so this was what our front steps looked like this morning.

Cupressius macrocarpus ‘Citrodora’

Our mission was to knock the snow off the evergreens before the freezing rain hits. So far, it’s been a dry, light snow, but even so the branches were weighted down with it. We were afraid that an ice storm would result in broken branches. Apparently there are two schools of thought on this. Do you think we did the right thing?


Usually, Cupressius macrocarpus ‘Citrodora’ holds her branches reaching upward. Here, she’s bowing under the weight of our ten inches of snow.


It was a joint effort, with all the trees that we have. Here’s Richard, doing his part to liberate ‘Citradora’

Delusional Drive in costume

Delusional Drive looks pretty good in costume, don’t you think?

Hamemelis ‘Diane’

I was complaining about Hamemelis ‘Diane’ having stubby petals. I guess I was just being impatient. They elongated over time, to give us a bright spot in all the white.

Lavender walk

The lavender walk is nearly buried, but at least it shows us where the path is to the studio.

Enkianthus buds

Buds about to burst on the Enkianthus were in for a surprise. Think they’ll make it?

carrot stake

Looking to the future, or dreaming of things past?

Yucca aloifolia ‘Spanish Bayonet’

Does this not look like something out of ‘Game of Thrones’? The snow is up nearly to the rim of the big green pot holding Yucca aloifolia ‘Spanish Bayonet’.

Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp niphophila

There’s something not quite right about Eucalyptus in the snow, but it sure is purty.

Rhododendrun ‘Seaview Sunset’

The Bonnie Lassie said it best when she described the snow as bringing out a graphic quality in some plants. It surely does so with Rhododendrun ‘Seaview Sunset’

Euphorbia wulfenii

I can almost hear Euphorbia wulfenii muttering “shiver me timbers”.

front walkway

Now here’s the view out the front…

view out back

and out the back

Right now, the snow is turning to freezing rain. I can remember a number of “silver thaws” in years past. Deadly…but absolutely beautiful. Hope my gloves dry out in time so I can bore you with even more photos.

20 Responses to “I didn’t wanna do it”

  1. Heather Says:

    That yucca looks so cool! I love snow photos, so snap away!

  2. Alison Says:

    Love the shot of the snow on the Yucca, and the star-shaped leaves of the Rhodie. You guys are getting so hammered. It has been slowly creeping up toward us all day, and just started snowing heavily about an hour ago. I think it’s best to knock snow off branches. I hope nothing breaks under the weight of ice.

  3. ricki Says:

    Heather~Some stuff looks pretty otherworldly.

    Alison~We’re holed up and enjoying the beauty, but HORRORS! We’re out of wine. This. Must. End. Soon!

  4. Sarah/Galloping Horse Garden Says:

    Well, it IS purty, even if it’s an annoyance to have to deal with it. Is that normal for your area?

  5. ricki Says:

    Sarah~It was actually fun being out there battling the elements. We get these kinds of events, on average, every 8 – 10 years, so we’re no experts in dealing with it.

  6. Angie Says:

    Beautiful winter images ricki – Alison certainly did get it right. I’d be inclined to knock all the snow off too. It would be a shame if those mature trees were damaged.
    I won’t mind looking at more of those images – get those gloves somewhere warm so they dry quicker ;)

  7. ricki Says:

    Angie~We haven’t gotten to the really gnarly part yet. Hoping the whole ice storm thing is a false alarm.

  8. Peter/Outlaw Says:

    It’s so beautiful when it snows and doubly so here because we don’t get that kind of snow very often. I’m with the others on knocking the snow off! Hope you didn’t get any damage from the ice storm!

  9. ricki Says:

    Peter~A couple of snapped off pine branches is the extent of the damage so far…fingers crossed.

  10. Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening Says:

    Haven’t we all had just about snow…but wait…it is so beautiful though! Thank you for sharing these winter photos. While the snow is enough after a while I cannot resist photographing it either. Your trees seem to look OK. I also have snow way up on my large Western Arborvitae that I am waiting to melt and now they are saying more of it for later this week!

  11. ricki Says:

    Lee~I think we’ve gotten past the worst of it and now I am ready for the big thaw. We finally made it out of the driveway today, so things are on their way back to normal.

  12. PlantPostings Says:

    Lovely photos! Gosh, I generally don’t bother knocking off the snow, but we so rarely get ice on top of snow. Usually it’s the other way around. But we might be facing it next week. Our temps are moderating. Yippeee!!! (Careful getting around on the ice!)

  13. ricki Says:

    Beth~We didn’t get the ice storm we were warned about, but better safe than sorry. 40 degrees feels downright balmy today.

  14. Hoov Says:

    Same planet, different worlds. Hope you don’t get too much ice damage.

  15. ricki Says:

    Hoov~Even in the same town, different worlds. We dodged the ice out here, but some Portlanders got great ice shots.

  16. Tamara Says:

    I’m glad you did it! Photos are incredible, thanks for sharing :)
    Thawed out yet? Thank god. No more of this please!

  17. Tatyana@MySecretGarden Says:

    Hi Ricki! I hope the snow has melted. Together with other plants, Euphorbia always surprises me: it looks almost dead, but manages to jump back very fast.

  18. ricki Says:

    Tamara~Mostly gone…dreaming of spring.

    Tatyana~It’s looking better already.

  19. Grace Peterson Says:

    Your Yucca reminds me of a pointy R2 D2. Mother Nature has a sense of humor, doesn’t she? The snow is beautiful, that’s for sure. We’re not “shovelers” at my house either. :)

  20. ricki Says:

    Grace~Sometimes we have to pretty tough to see the humor, but yes…I sense her laughing at us often.

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