Zinnias are sooo satisfying to start from seed. They emerge in a matter of days, so even with a late start, they are ready to be settled into beds after a few weeks.


I posted earlier about the disappointing results of my tulip bed project. Apparently all that work didn’t go completely to waste. The zinnias are happy there, as are some lemon cucumbers (a variety which I love, but have had little success with in the past).


I decided to try the low-growing ‘Profusion’ variety this time. Their happy little faces are sweet at the edge of the border. I do miss the tall ones. Next year…always next year.

4 Responses to “zinnias”

  1. Loree / danger garden Says:

    I’ve tried to grow “envy” the green variety in the past, with very poor results. Maybe I’ll try again “next year”….

  2. ricki Says:

    ‘Envy’ seems to be the most temperamental of zinnias. Too bad. It is my favorite, too. I don’t seem to have much luck sowing them directly in the ground here. Too many birds, maybe? I don’t mind, because starting them indoors makes me feel more competent than I am.

  3. ICQB Says:

    Growing things from seed is sooo satisfying. This year we started tomatoes for the first time indoors from seed. The plants are four fee tall now and heavy with flower and fruit. It makes you feel proud, in a parental sort of way.

  4. ricki Says:

    Congrats on the tomatoes! I have been too chicken to try them, but thanks for setting a good example.

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