cooling off

Indian Beach

Just looking at this photo makes you cooler, doesn’t it? As temperatures soared in Portland yesterday, we beat a hasty retreat to the coast, just a short drive away.


First stop, Astoria, where it was still hot. We found a breezy outdoor cafe where we could fuel up on good coffee and a pastry and do a some people watching (lots of interesting, artsy types around Astoria).


A little bit south, entering Cannon Beach, we decided to take a side trip to Ecola State Park. At the pay station we were advised to go first to Indian Beach to avoid the gathering crowds and a long wait to gain entrance. This is what we found: aaah…cooling off already. There were photographers everywhere, intent on capturing that perfect shot  of the ocean spray as the surf crashes on the rocks. I’m afraid it was beyond my humble talents.


Surfers were out in force. Such fun to watch, as they catch the occasional perfect wave…and wipe out on others.


Sandcastles, anyone?


The beach is surrounded by primeval forest and hiking trails that connect to the Pacific Coast Trail…another day, perhaps.


Further down the coast, we stopped in Garibaldi, where a long rock jetty extends far out into the bay.garib076.jpg

Driftwood piles up on the shore. One nice piece came home with us. It’s that whole beachcombing thing.


I know…you want to know about the plants. Some really tough customers were growing and blooming right there in the beach sand. Crocosmias were popping up everywhere, not only in gardens. I’m guessing they were escapees. I’ve always been impressed by the way Phormiums grow at the coast but this year they were looking a bit tattered (still living though, and huge). Asters were just coming on. They will be putting on quite a show in a week or so, and fireweed and Spirea douglasii were growing along the roadsides.


Beach grasses are tough as nails and seem to know that placing themselves close to sinuous driftwood will show them off to advantage. By this time, the fog was rolling in and it was time to seek out a nice meal with a view of the ocean (I almost like it best shrouded in fog) before heading for home, exclaiming “why do we not do this more often?”

10 Responses to “cooling off”

  1. Casa Mariposa Says:

    I would just love a trip to the beach but it’s not in the cards this summer. I’ve never been to the Oregon coast but it looks beautiful! Sounds like a great day. :o)

  2. Alison Says:

    Glad you found somewhere to cool off. Looks like a good place for beach-combing.

  3. Loree /danger garden Says:

    Is that guy in the second photo one of the artsy types? ;)

    I wish we escaped to the beach more often but Andrew finds it depressing and I find it just a little bit further than I enjoy driving for a day trip.

  4. linda Says:

    binary and Adolfo bugger off ! I’m sure you’ll make sure of that.
    We could have done with a bit of that artsy beach breeze this week ! I have one small Spirea douglasii from those seeds you gave me growing .

  5. ricki Says:

    Tammy~The Oregon Coast is a wonder. Next time you come?

    Alison~R went for the driftwood while I loaded up on rocks. We both came home happy.

    Loree~Yah, he fit right in, though not as colorfully dressed as some. We’re well on the way to the coast, so it makes a nice getaway.

    Linda~You have such a way with seeds. I had to break down and buy a plant.

  6. Beth @ PlantPostings Says:

    I love the beach! I also find it fascinating that many of the same plants grow on beaches around the world. Looks like you had a fun day!

  7. ricki Says:

    Beth~I guess beachy conditions are pretty universal…and pretty soothing.

  8. Anastasia Abboud Says:

    Thank you, thank you for sharing these wonderful photos! Ahhhh. . . .

  9. Peter/Outlaw Says:

    Oh, the coast sounds very refreshing on a hot day! Glad that you got to go and enjoy it. Is this the first time you’ve posted pictures of R?

  10. ricki Says:

    Peter~That man turns up in my posts every so often…not recently, now that you mention it.

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