more oddities on the road


Excuse the poor exposure. The light was all wrong, but I just had to share this guy with you. My preference is for plants that already have personality. Still, the personality that has been imposed upon this plant did stop me in my tracks and make me dig around for the camera.

7 Responses to “more oddities on the road”

  1. Loree Says:

    Oh my!

  2. ricki Says:

    Loree~Oh my, indeed!

  3. Grace Says:

    And THIS my dear friend, is why I DON’T do topiary. Definitely a WWTT.

  4. Jane/MulchMaid Says:

    Gotta say I love it! It’s just SO over the top. Somebody is having a lot of fun!

  5. ricki Says:

    Grace~I tried a little topiary once. It is harder than it looks. I will find other ways to kill plants.

    Jane~Hear, hear!

  6. Megan Says:

    HA! It’s not my thing either, but you have to hand it to them, they executed the heck out of their concept.

  7. ricki Says:

    Megan~What I like best about it is that it has a certain familiarity without trying to BE any particular creature.

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