a wild bloom day

The roadsides are crazy quilts of wildflowers these days.


With meager photographic skills and equipment, it is impossible to capture the magic of a bank of grasses punctuated by foxgloves.

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All I can do is share my best efforts and let your imagination take it from there.


Wild lupine share none of the diva-like qualities of their hybridized relatives.


So lovely, and without a bit of effort on the part of humans…as far as I can tell. We had a picnic up the Columbia River Gorge on the one beautiful weekend day in recent history. We were marveling over the fabulous sprinkling of wildflowers, most of which would be attacked with gusto if they dared to show up in the “cultivated” landscape.

Plenty going on in my garden, too, but with the rain and gloom, I decided to dip into pictures taken in the few breaks in the weather. They just happen to have all taken place on the road. Carol will put you in touch with world-wide gardeners and their blooms. Don’t miss it.

15 Responses to “a wild bloom day”

  1. lostlandscape (James) Says:

    I really love the roadside foxgloves mixed in with the grasses. The soft grasses, the spikey pink flower spikes…gorgeous. I think your photos show off the effect beautifully!

  2. joco Says:

    The roadside verges are true herbaceous borders.

  3. Wendy Says:

    wow, how lovely. Wish I could see this in real life! I pass by some really nice wildflower patches these days. I really should stop and just snap a photo.

    I’m currently coveting foxgloves. Must have.

  4. Grace Says:

    Hi Ricki~~ I’ve noticed how exceptionally beautiful the wildflowers are this year thanks to all of the rain. Even the grasses have taken on a decidedly maroon coloring and I’ve never seen crown vetch so lush. I suppose there are a few upsides to this crazy weather.

  5. ricki Says:

    James~Thanks! I am struggling with understanding my camera, so words of encouragement are much appreciated.

    Jo~I like that take on it.

    Wendy~You really can’t get the full effect driving by. My many stops of late have opened my eyes.

    Grace~You said it! We must take our pleasures where we can.

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