Hummingbird Confusion

Let me preface this with the disclaimer that no, every post on this blog will not be banner-related. It’s just that for the last two months I have spent every Thursday Friday and Saturday sewing and selling the things, and every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday learning how to make a website about them. I am, I think understandably, a little banner-obsessed right now. When I looked out my kitchen window this morning and saw a hummingbird attempting to suck nectar out of a dangling streamer of the banners on our deck, it felt like an affirmation of sorts. Don’t worry. There are feeders nearby with nutrients for the little dears, and tubular flowers to spare. So forgive me if I took delight in the little guy’s futile attempt to, metaphorically speaking, get blood from a stone.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Well, maybe for Kermit. But here’s the thing. I try to do the right thing: recycle, compost, drive less. So imagine my distress when I read about the evils of pvc ( or any vinyl product, it seems) over on building I keep seeing all these great uses for pvc pipe in the garden, and in designing my banners it became the support of choice. It accessorizes with all of those wonderful little elbows, tees and such, is easy to glue into any number of configurations, and its flexibility allows the banners to sway in the wind in a most seductive manner. Since learning of its down side, I have been dispensing that information and encouraging customers to go with the alternative wooden pole. So far, only one person has been swayed by the green argument. What do you think? Should I no longer even offer the pvc as an option? I have been surprised by the green credentials of some who have shunned the wood in favor of the pvc.

Jumping right in

So much to share, but right now I will just say Hello, Welcome, Let me hear from you.

I took a class over the internet through PCC. In six weeks, two sessions per week, I learned enough to get my web site up and running. A new course of six weeks of lessons just began, so I expect the site to improve exponentially as more of this arcane artform is revealed to me.

Friends have been especially helpful by sharing their impressions and suggestions. I welcome any and all feedback.

Talk to me.