accidental brilliance

fuchsia in choisya

Having planted two fuchsias in front of the porch, and seeing a need for “filler”, I plopped a Choisya ‘Sun Dance’ between the two. The pot tag said it would max out at four feet, so my placement looked about right, especially since it usually takes several years for a shrub to reach full height. Two years later, I find myself pruning furiously to keep the Choisya below the porch railing, but look what happened: the fuchsia worked its way up through the shrub. It dangles there as if it was meant to be, rather than flopping on the ground and rotting, as it is wont to do.

After several attempts to coax various plants to twine through host plants with little success, here is yet another example of “the plant knows best”.

learning curve

If you look back at the last post, you will notice that the type no longer bumps up against the photo, as it did in all previous posts. Who would have thought that it would take 14 weeks and 28 lessons to learn how to make that happen? Ah, the joys of continuing education.

dancing shadows

An evergreen clematis is threatening to engulf the front deck. It must be a cousin to the triffid. When spring comes and it explodes with fragrant white blossoms, it is a sight to behold. Now I have found another reason to forgive its aggressive campaign to take over ever more territory. I glanced up while doing KP duty: a slight breeze was stirring the leaves, the light was just right, and I snapped this shot. Wish it was a video clip, so you could experience the kinetic effect. Sorry, but my web skills have yet to reach that level of sophistication. I think you can extrapolate, though, and appreciate my delight at having nature interacting with one of my pennants in such a delightful way.